Propping and Shoring

  • Adjustable Steel Props

    Adjustable Steel Props

    Adjustable steel props are light Weight and easy to Install. They are available in sizes 0-4

  • Adjustable Steel Push Pull Props

    Adjustable Steel Push Pull Props

    The adjustable steel push pull props main function is for holding and plumbing single and double-faced forms. The Lower plate is fixed to a ground anchor with the top plate fixed to the shutter.

  • Adjustable Steel Trench Struts

    Adjustable Steel Trench Struts

    The main function of the adjustable Steel Trench Struts is for bracing timber wailings. The clawed base and head plates are designed to grip the trench lining tightly to prevent collapse.

  • Euro 30/350 Adjustable Steel Props

    Euro 30/350 Adjustable Steel Props

    The Euro 30/350 adjustable steel prop can hold upto 30kN and is extendable from 2m to 3.5. The euro 30/350 is a vertical steel adjustment prop for temporary structures.