Adjustable Steel Props

Adjustable Steel Props

Adjustable steel props are light Weight and easy to Install. They are available in sizes 0-4

The function of the adjustable steel props is to support a range of floors and temporary beams.

Outer Tube 60.3mm – Tube Thickness 3.6mm

Inner Tube 48.3mm  - Tube Thickness 3.2mm

  • Head and Base Plates 150 x 150x 6mm to BS4360 with 38mm diameter hole.
  • Pin 080M40 BS970.
  • Finished in one coat air drying
  • Manufactured to BS4074:1982 and tested to BS5507-3:1982 in accordance with ISO9001:2000 quality system accreditation.
Size Closed Open Weight
Size 0  1.04m 1.83m 11.28kg
Size 1  1.75m 3.12m 16.34kg
Size 2  1.98m 3.35m 17.48kg
Size 3  2.59m 3.96m 20.20kg
Size 4  3.2m 4.88m 23.84kg

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