The GASS Aluminium Shoring System is a lightweight shoring system which provides a fast , efficient and versatile falsework structure with the advantage of providing up to 140kN load capacity. The key product attributes of the GASS system is it has a lasting ability of up to 140kN, it is lightweight and easy to mount and the capacity to brace at angles of 45 degrees. The GASS System is also best suited for table type applications, along with traditional strike and versatile fixing. Overall, the high strength GASS lightweight system is easy to erect and remove, resulting in considerable on-site labour savings.

  • GASS Advanced Guardrails

    Advanced guardrails are used as a temporary guardrail and are clamped from below to both rails of the GASS ledger frame.

  • GASS Extension Legs

    Where very high shoring is required  the GASS extension legs will extend the height of the outer legs.

  • GASS Inner Legs

    The GASS inner legs provide adjustment for the GASS outer leg up to 1295mm. 

  • GASS Ledger Frames

    The GASS Ledger Frames has 4 feet connections per frame with a simple, quick and effective wedge locking mechanism. 

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    GASS Outer Legs

    The Outer Leg extrusion has eight slots which allows the attachment of the Frames in multiple directions.

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    GASS Ring Bolts

    Gass ring bolts are a single assembly ring nut that is used for binding legs with aluminium beams.

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    GASS Spanner

    The GASS spanner is used to release the collar on GASS inner legs and promotes safe and controlled release