• GASS Advanced Guardrails

    GASS Advanced Guardrails

    Advanced guardrails are used as a temporary guardrail and are clamped from below to both rails of the ledger frame. Using the advanced guardrails always ensures that edge protection is provided during erection or dismantling.

  • GASS Extension Legs

    GASS Extension Legs

  • GASS Inner Legs

    GASS Inner Legs

    The inner leg provides adjustment for the Outer Leg up to 1314mm. The inner has a removable screw to prevent over extension and to allow for the collar to be replaced.

  • GASS Ledger Frames

    GASS Ledger Frames

    Gass Ledger Frames only have 4 wedge connections per frame which results in fast installation. With the wedge being clearly visible its easy to identify if the ledger frame has been safely and correctly installed.

  • GASS Outer Legs

    GASS Outer Legs

    The Outer Leg extrusion has eight slots which allows the attachment of the Frames in multiple directions. The end plates have an interlocking feature. The Outer leg has a spring catch to secure the inner leg to the outer.

  • GASS Ring Bolts

    GASS Ring Bolts

    A single assembly ring nut for connecting inner/outer legs to primary beams or it can connect legs or extensions to each other. 

  • GASS Spanner

    GASS Spanner

    The GASS spanner is used to release the collar on GASS inner legs and promotes safe and controlled release